Mandolin – A Greek Eatery in Miami’s Design District

Draped in a mesh of pretty pink bougainvillea, a 1940’s home turned bistro conceals an open-air dining garden reminiscent of the tavernas in the Aegean coast.  The Mandolin Aegean Bistro transfers you to a cozy, unassuming atmosphere with its rustic wooden tables, lantern lighting, natural greenery all while under the shade of a gorgeous oak tree. … Continue reading Mandolin – A Greek Eatery in Miami’s Design District


Aloha Café

There's a tropical paradise hidden in the midst of Pigalle by name of Aloha Café. The newest addition to the coffee scene in Paris has the freshest bites to eat with a Hawaiian motif. In pastel-colored ceramic plates are served blueberry scones, sandwiches and even quinoa tabbouleh with a menu changing every week. I stopped by for … Continue reading Aloha Café