Mandolin – A Greek Eatery in Miami’s Design District

1J7A0967Draped in a mesh of pretty pink bougainvillea, a 1940’s home turned bistro conceals an open-air dining garden reminiscent of the tavernas in the Aegean coast.  The Mandolin Aegean Bistro transfers you to a cozy, unassuming atmosphere with its rustic wooden tables, lantern lighting, natural greenery all while under the shade of a gorgeous oak tree.


Last week, I visited for dinner, opting for the chicken gyro pita with french fries amid the glow of romantic candle light. This Sunday, I came for lunch (which I recommend because you can admire the quaint blue and white palette of the house and hear the birds chirping overhead). I scanned the wood clipboard menu, the Moussaka sounded yummy (I still remember when I had it in Turkey!), but I agreed on a classic. The Greek salad! Fresh wedge tomatoes in olive oil with cucumber, red onion, green pepper, olive, capers and a block of feta cheese.

Crunching on these cucumbers I slid back into a memory, having my first Greek salad in a bistro in Oia, overlooking the blue Mediterranean Sea, the islands, and oh that sunshine! This little garden in the midst of Miami’s Design District feels like a village in Greece. Authentic and dreamy, I recommend!


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