Threefold Café and its Avocado Toast of Dreams

Miami is a mecca for croquetas and pastelitos, but sometimes I take a hint from Australia’s burgeoning food scene to indulge in barista-style coffee and food that’s well-presented and delicious. Enter Threefold Café. The Aussie-owned coffee shop with locations in Coral Gables and South Miami has been offering locals a culinary treat with its distinct menu since 2014.

pic 1.png

Coffee is sourced from Panther Coffee, and the latte art is flawless thanks to a very talented barista. (And may I add, we need more skilled baristas in Miami.)


While everything on the menu is tempting: their Fried French Toast, Brekkie Sanga, and Salmon Scrabble 2.0, one dish makes this place truly stand out – it’s avocado toast.

I’ve tried my share of avo toasts in many cities, and this one takes the crown. A thick slice of Zak the Baker bread is laden with a lumpy load of rich avocado scrambled with roasted mushrooms, basil, and large chunks of feta cheese. You can top it with a runny egg for an additional charge, and you’re set.


The friendly staff makes a visit here all the more pleasant. The design too is worth noting, a marriage of industrial and country style that adds a welcome break from the typical Miami decor. Given the loyal clientele, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say the 3-0-5 needs more places like this.

Threefold is open for breakfast and lunch everyday of the week. Check out their menu here.





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